Challenges of doing SEO for an Old Site

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I have a potential project where by I have to do SEO and content marketing for an e-commerce site. I have noticed that they are ranked for 100s of keywords on 1st, 2nd and 3rd page but the CTR has been very low for even top ranking keywords. Its so low that ranked keyword has a CTR value recorded for it in Google Webmaster.

The pages that are ranked are actually a variety of its product pages.

Some questions:

1. I feel that this is coz of the title tag and the meta description but I am also afraid that changing it would affect the rankings.

2. The title of the product mentions the product's dimensions (length), weight.
Do you guys feel this is the right approach?
On one side it kind of, at least for me, makes the title undesirable. I don't know but my gut tells me it aint supposed to be there. But on the other hand it should also get the right people (the ones who are wanting to buy that product) to click and see the page. Whats your take on this?

3. Do you have any further suggestions on how to work on this project?
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