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I notice my sitemap has a crap load of useless attachment image id pages. Wordpress seems to make a page for every image you upload.

Am I better off excluding all of these from my sitemap so it goes from 19 urls to about 5 urls, looking neat.

Or am I better off downloading a plugin to redirect all these image attachment pages to the homepage?
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    This is common with WordPress; attachments by default have their own pages.

    Have you heard of Yoast's SEO plug-in before? It has the ability to redirect attachment pages back to the main page. That's what I'd recommend you do.

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    What plugin do you use? I am asking because I did not experience the same thing with google xml sitemap plugin.

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      I am using all in one seo, and the built in xml sitemap maker it has.
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    I would suggest you to use SEO Yoast Plugin, it'll take care of all the technical SEO issues apart from your current problem.
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