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Hi all,
At the beginning of December I have started to do my backlink building for my site and so far I have submitted more than 250 links with 50+ approved from various PR5+ directories.
None of them (or maybe just one or two) are showing in the back link checker of webmaster tool.
Only some 25 links are present there, but they are from sites I have submitted to long time ago.
After I started to do SEO systematically at the beginning of December, some of the directories approved my site already three weeks ago.
I realized one week ago that I did not fetch my site in Google so I fetched it and then I submitted it to index.
When I submitted it, at first I submit it as URL of home page and I get an error, then I submit it again and I get and OK message. I submit it again with home page and all related links and I get error then I submit it again for home page and all related pages and I get OK
I did this process a few times and now everything seems OK.
My site is in Webmaster tools with www. and all my links are for the www. site
Still, as for this morning, I still see the same 25 links I always had.
None of the links approved already three weeks ago is showing
Why is this?
Can be Google Webmaster tools three weeks late, may it be because I fetched my site in Google properly only one week ago or so or is there any other issue?
I have personally checked the links submitted and they should be do-follow (most of them) and they are working
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    The links shown in WMT are always to be taken with a grain of salt. I really don't know why the links shown there can differ as compared to other ways of checking your links, say, with Majestic SEO etc. One tool shows links from one site while the other doesn't show those links at all. Also, there is certainly a delay but I cannot say how long this is. Since you just put those links up "early in December", I would give it more time. A month is NOT very long in SEO terms..who know WMT may update the links every few months or so. Maybe someone else knows.
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