How many quality backinks do I need for Google to take notice

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I am sure that this is difficult question to answer but I am wondering how many backlinks I need to build up for Google to take notice of me.

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    For Google to take notice and index you or for them to rank you?

    All you need is 1 quality link to get indexed. The rest depends on more then just a link count.
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    You don't need very many backlinks as long as they are relevant and from trusted sites. We have experienced very good results with as few as 10.
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    Interesting comment...thanks
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    Even if you don't link your site with any quality and theme related website, google will notice it some or the other day. Its a part of SEO strategy and not something mandatory.
    Linking back to your site values only if you want your site to be indexed and ranked well, earlier than before.

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    more index...Use Article Marketing to Obtain Quality Back Links

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    it really depends on what your competition is doing - are you talking about ranking or just getting indexed? if you're just trying to get indexed, you don't need too many links, just a couple quick ones!
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    I am sure related blog commenting will be more helpful to you to get ranked there soon. I have got success only with DOFOLLOW blog comments....
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    Press release distribution is the quickest way to index a site. Also try to get your press release is taken by google news. Submit your press release to free press release distribution sites. Do follow the submission guidelines before you submit to free distribution sites to ensure that your press release gets approved.
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      Originally Posted by SimonP View Post

      Is warrior forum DO FOLLOW?
      If you use firefox, there's add-on called nodofollow, it will tell you whether a blog/website have dofollow/dofollow links.
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    My pet peeve!!

    The number of links you need to get ranked on the first page is dependant on the number and quality of back links the sites that are already on the front page have.

    You need more than them!

    It's all down to analysis, I would not even dream of entering a niche without knowing how easy/difficult it is to rank for and how many links I need.

    The first step is to make sure that you are well optimised for your keyword, this includes having your keyword in the domain name (this could be Your Keyword - Home or then it needs to be in the title, keywords and description tag and also sprinkled through out the content.

    If you can't afford the tools like my favorite Market Sumarai then look at the source code of your competitors to find out if they are optimised or, which is a good thing, assume they are!

    Check each of your competitors site in turn to see how many links they have then you will get a good idea whether or now it's worth your time.

    This also blows out the competition rule of trying to rank for sites that have less 100,000 competition, you could go for 100,000,000 if none of these sites in the top ten are properly optimised and have low PR.

    The way I see most people approach ranking is to get some links, noticed they are not ranking, get some more, maybe rank a little, get some more, rank a little more, then give up! You may have only been a few links away from the front page.

    You wouldn't start a hike if you didn't know how far you where going!

    As Stevep said you only need 1 quality link to get indexed.


    WF is do follow.

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