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i want to implement an alertbox that is shown when a user tries to leave the landing page. you know what im talking about, those annoying "do you really want to make me cry" things.

adwords says that system warnings are allowed as long as they are genuine. are alertboxes system warnings or do they count as popups?
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    any ideas? i wouldnt like to risk my quality score for that. would be nice if you guys know what im talking about

    what i mean is this pesky message box taht pops up when you attempt to leave a site. you cannot navigate through sites while it is still open. i would like to use this in connection with a redirect so a downsell is shown whenevera visitor clicks away from the main offer
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      sorry to push this again but i cant find any information or help around the internet regarding my question so i try it here one more time.

      does anyone of you know if exit popups are allowed with adwords? they say system warnings are allowed, are system warnings exit popups?

      by exit popups i mean this:

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