Massive Rank drop, after google algorithm, Need hire seo analyst to help fix problem!?!

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I hope this is the right WF section ... I posted to the main forum before and it went missing. Is it ok to post hiring questions here??? IF NOT PLEASE PM me as to where I can post this ...


If this doesnt get deleted ...

Hi warriors,

I have been on this site a lot in the past, I used to work on client sites seo from 2006, but much has changed in the last few years. I have moved from corporate seo marketing analysis (engineer, marking degree, mba) to the dog industry in AUSTRALIA. I tell you my qualifications, as I am looking to avoid players and hire people who know what they are doing.

I dont want a 50 page generic report that I could make, I want to find the specific issues Google has with my site(s), and to regain my ranking for core keywords.

In the past I have performed the basics of seo (on page, off page, video creation, article creation, forum submission etc) but I know Google has change a lot in the last year since the series of updates, and I have not kept up.

I have two sites, one dog walking, the other dog treats (both dot com dot au - Australia)

My dog treat site used to rank about 6, two years ago for my core "dog treat" keywords in Google Australia, but for about a year slipped to rank 12.
About four months ago it fell to page seven. This seemed to be around the time of Google's last major algorithm change.

Originally I upgraded both sites because I was using Joomla 1.5 (and google webmaster tools gave me a "recommendation" to upgrade). Both sites were finalised a few weeks ago to J2.5. I also use Virtuemart 2.x

I have also found that Google's webmaster tools has an issue with 'duplicate titles' but that is actually many different internal url's pointing to the same pages - an issue with cms .. that will be painstaking to resolve as there are many causes, not easily code changed. I dont think that this is the issue .. though it could be...

My dog walking site is performing well still. The only thing different I have been doing for the dog treat site is social links (my fb and twitter mainly). Cant see that is the issue either, nothing black hat there.

I have no idea why the dog treat site is penalised and or how to get back on page one. I have plenty of original content, I update content and I use social media ... I should at least be on page two in Australia ... but as said, my site suffered a massive rank drop.

Perhaps google has spotted grey links from years ago and decided they are now black?

I want an seo/ website analyst with specific abilities to review such an issue (more than the link analysis I have done). I need someone to trouble shoot (ie find) what is the specific issue(s) and Advise what I can do to correct them.
As you can see this problem has gone well beyond a discussion.

I am no longer getting new customers to my site. I am doing a lot of work for nothing. I have upgraded sites, with good products at good prices ... they just need to be seen.

Please PM me if you have a specific offer of what you will do for how much ..

Cheers bruce
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    I have no experience with Joomla but those duplicate titles can be part of the problem so get rid of them or make them unique.

    Also get rid of those signature links that you use here, makes no sense on an SEO forum and might even hurt your sites.
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    Judging from your sig I think I can confidently say your backlinks could be one of the culprits for your drop in rankings.

    Insert Sig here for ***** Moolahs ,,I,,

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    Mostly on site issues. If gwt itself is keen on making you upgrade and stuff your first look should be at those issues.

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    Looks like an accumulation of various on and off site problems (some are mentioned above). Without more data real advice is impossible. If you are willing to share this data, please contact me via PM.
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    Bruce, I'm based in Sydney and would be happy to help.

    Go here...

    SEO Audit Service - Works Media SEO

    BS free SEO services, training and advice - SEO Point

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