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Wouldn't mind to pick someone's experience if possible.

Would it better to use the word "and" to separate a couple of keywords in a domain name or would the use of a hyphen be just as good?

Cheers and Thanks
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    Doesn't...really...matter. Lol. (if it's in the content)

    If it's blog post title then use the hyphen.
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      I'm a firm believer in using keywords in a domain name to enhance SEO and as I've proved it to myself and a few others over and over again.

      Where I lack experience is in the use of multiple key words in a domain name and am not sure how search engines react to hyphens.

      Some say don't use them and some say it doesn't matter.. Would like to hear from some pros that have tried both and what kind of results they got..

      Cheers and Thanks,,
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    I read your OP and thought, "keywords, where???"

    It's obvious that you're referring to exact match domains, yes?

    Personally, I dislike them, although they can, (and do) work.

    Its a thin marketing strategy.

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      Example: vs

      Which one is more likely to climb the ladder into first position using the following two keywords in a blog "mortgages" / "syndicates"?

      The strategy I've always used is to get in on the search engines ASAP and then expand the optimization with the use of various keywords from there..

      Cheers and Thanks
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    EMDs aren't SEO, it's IM hype.

    Try a Google search for auto insurance, where's

    When your ready to rank in the SERPs, forget the EMD type gimmicks & build some decent links.
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      I'm sorry but I have no idea what EMDs are???

      Never mind.. just figured it out.. Thanks..
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    Yes you can if you think that common man will search for it that way.
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    Really doesn't matter. Google doesn't pay much attention to either.
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