What do you think of a host that puts all your websites on the same IP?

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I have a couple of sites in the one niche.

I have two sites that link between each other in the one niche.

They were created a year apart, so even though they were with the one host, just the nature of business meant that they would be on different IP addresses. Unless they had less than 50 customers a year ...

I recently had to upgrade the cms on both sites, and because their servers had old php and low memory, they had to move my sites.


With all the interlinking between the sites (yes I know there is a limit), clearly google would not value them having the same IP, in fact they might be penalised. (speculation only).

I had a long discussion with the host tech just then, who told me that I should expect to be on the same IP, because I am on 'shared hosting plans'.

I said that originally I wasn't on the same IP, and that no seo person would expect a hosting company to be so **** as to put two sites of the same niche with links between them on the same IP.

A shared IP is low cost, but since I am paying for two separate hosting plans, with the same host, I was expecting they would be on different IPs. This is the continuing discussion I am having with the host - as the tech guy said there was nothing they could do.

Ideally I should be on another host with a different C block, but at the moment I would settle for the IPs being as far apart as possible.

Do you think that is required still, or that the host is right?
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    Originally Posted by Bruce99 View Post

    Do you think that is required still, or that the host is right?
    The host is right. If having different IP addresses is important to you, what you could do is mask one of the sites using Cloudflare.com

    The basic service is free.
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    Hi Squadron, I was informed that because I bought a .com.au in Australia ( you can only buy one with an abn business number etc) that you could never truly mask ownership.

    Will have to look into your suggestion. THANKS

    The option would also be particularly useful if anyone had any secondary tier sites floating around too ..

    just a dog guy.

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    Some hosting can give different ip when you have new order, depend to how many server/ip they have.

    SafePBN - PBN on different shared hosting company
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    MultipleCloud - Multiple location hosting provider
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    use SEOHosting.com the best one
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      Originally Posted by koubain View Post

      use SEOHosting.com the best one
      Really, really bad idea.

      Do not ever use a host that advertises themselves as an 'SEO host'.

      They have been targeted by Google in the past. I'm sure they will be again.
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    I don't think it is the hosts responsibility to check whether two niches sites link to each other before they put them on the same IP. Their only responsibility is to make sure that those sites load quickly and reliably to visitors.

    So if I were you, I'd just fork out the extra few bucks to have one of the sites hosted with a different company.

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    Two sites linking together on the same IP is not an issue. Google could care less about that.
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      Hi Bruce99,

      Stop worrying about what doesn't matter, IP addresses have nothing to do with SEO. If a web pages link to another web page Google assumes an affiliation, regardless of whether they are on different domains, or different IP addresses. The exact same Pagerank algorithm is applied all cases, and IP addresses are not part of the ranking algorithm..
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        The only reason why people put their private network sites on different IP's is too make it harder for Google to detect and deindex the whole network in one go.

        I know someone who has 40+ travel sites all on the same IP and all inter linked, each site is legit on it's own though and he's not having any issue's. In fact he does everything wrong that gets preached here (footer links, sidebar links you name it) and he's doing better then ever.
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          So if google knows you own 10 sites, and link to each other, and
          they are all on a different IP, then google does not care? Only if
          they are on the same IP? Amazon owns dozens of sites. Some on
          same IP. They are all interlinked. And everyone knows they belong
          to amazon because at the bottom they have a little tag that says so...
          And amazon could give a rip?

          If one chooses to do bad things, of course one must also choose to
          cover them up. But why would one choose to do bad things?

          The best kept secret online: Create a website empire and interlink.
          I choose to follow amazon. And most amazon sites are just to funnel
          traffic to amazon.com. Go figure. Then there's wikipedia and their empire...
          ebay, go.com, zap2it, and many, many others.


          If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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    I know an interlinked network of sites that's ranking well in the local searches around here, and guess what? They're all in the same IP address. There's even a gateway page in there, and the domains are EMDs. Where's your deity now?

    They're ranking because of the content. It's written by competent legal specialists and it's really helpful in the case you need to search for that sort of thing. It's made solely to rank in the search, but it's providing a service.

    Many users of "SEO Hosting" seem to be doing it because it's part of the ritual. To me it seems like lighting a candle on the altar of your patron saint. There's nothing wrong with it per se, but you shouldn't expect any massive outcome.
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    What's your excuse?
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