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Hey guys, this is a technical question for those familiar with ad revenue sharing and content mills in general.

A few years ago, most content mills (HubPages, Zujava, InfoBarrel, etc) *REQUIRED* you to have an AdSense/Chitika account to make money through all displayed ads on these websites. You typically had to either put your ad code in your account's settings, or at the very least provide them with your PUB ID.

However, these days most of these sites only require your PayPal address, and they would send you the money 30 to 60 days after reaching a certain threshold. No more messing around with AdSense/Chitika accounts.

I am developing an article community, but forcing my writers to apply or have an AdSense account (or Chitika) really bugs me. Would anyone know how these guys are doing the above? I'm at a loss. No clue if they are messing with some advanced PayPal or AdSense API setting or what.

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    They probably have a way of tracking ads for each member, and if share cut is a certain
    percentage, they send you that amount from what your page generated.

    They have publisher accounts, not just your normal adsense account that you and I have. So I would assume they have some better features to set this up that wouldn't be available to you.
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      Squidoo already does that. Shares ad revenue, amazon, etc. No
      adsense account required. You share the revenue off of their
      adsense account.

      If you want to share your adsense revenue, you have that option.

      You would be limited by the number of adsense channels, sites, etc.
      that one could have.

      Squidoo does it by an internal algo that calculates how much your
      pages contributed to the pot. However, if your pages do not rank
      high in their system, you get zero.

      You could divide the earnings up by checking how much traffic each
      article gets.

      Not a good idea, unless you have a way of manually checking and
      approving each article.

      Then you open up other things. Like stolen content and other problems.


      If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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    Makes sense. I wish there was an easier way to this LOL.
    Thanks a lot guys.
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