What happens if Google deindexes or penalizes private blog network linked to my money site?

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Hi. As you know, some private blog networks in the past have been de-indexed or penalized by Google. So let's assume there are some links coming from these private blog networks to your money site. My question is:

If the private blog network is de-indexed/penalized, and there are links from this private blog network to my money site, is my money site also penalized? Or would I simply lose the link juice from the private blog network?

Of course, there is a difference between these two outcomes. If my money site is penalized, it's practically impossible to get it to rank again in Google. However, if my money site simply loses the link juice from the private blog network, I can get high PR links again to get my money site back to its original ranking.

So, if a private blog network is de-indexed/penalized, and there are still links from this network to my money site, what happens to my money site?
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    I think If your Private Blogs are Penalized by Google your site will get penalty too.
    You cannot rank again quickly.
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    If it happens then remove the backlinks from your private blog to your website otherwise Google will also penalized your website too.
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    Personally I've never used any blog network. But I've met a bunch of people who lost ranking due to this and got all the way back to top after some work. So, most likely scenerio is, your site will simply lose ranking. You will lose ranking because you just lost some backlinks, nothing else. It's not that easy to get penalized by Google. Otherwise everyone would be trying to get their competitors banned as this would be the easiest way to top. Anyway, don't take my words for since I never used any blog network. I'm just sharing views.
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    If you bought links the network was never private to begin with.

    No, links, no rank.
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    You will most likely get penalized too.That's what happened to most of the websites that got hit when BMR and ALN went down.

    It's exactly why if someone is advertising links off their 'private network', you should stay away. They will be servicing too many customers to keep it private.
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      It can go either way. Sometimes Google has determined that the network alone will be hit but more and more recently I have heard of the sites being linked to getting slapped hard

      Bear in mind that for years you have suffered the possibility of getting penalized for buying links using networks is no different

      Yuke is right though. You said private network when what you probably used was very public. Truly private networks rarely get hit compared to public rental ones.

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    The same thing that happens when I finally get around to flushing this toilet. The real question is, will it go clock-wise, or counter-clockwise???
    Something stinks...
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    They get to keep your first born grandson.
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      a few of my sites got hit...

      i have removed the paid links and requested for a review.

      one of the site with tons of personal content got the penalty removed (in just two days and it ranked even better than before... strange indeed) while those other sites dealing with affiliate offers and affiliate reviews are still getting penalized (been over 1.5 weeks) but lucky there's Bing and Yahoo to bring in some traffic.
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    Lets beat this dead horse AGAIN. If you put links on a blog network and you drive them directly to you home page/money site you get what you deserve. Pro's use these for 2nd and 3rd tier links to get something else ranked (i.e. video or article on a Web 2.0 site).

    Now if you flip this conversation on its head imagine if all of the horror stories are true.. what can I do? Stop crying and go.... Buy spammy backlinks and send them directly to your competitors money site . Forget trying to get backlinks to your site to move up in the rankings, I will send spammy blog network links to my competitors sites so they get penalized. Problem solved.

    Do the Search Gods have this built into their super computers in the sky? There are always going to be gamers.

    Here's a question: When was the last time you bought the top position with PPC and tested your keyword to make sure it was worth ranking for? Stop wasting your time trying to rank for a keyword you don't know if it is going to get you traffic that buys your product or service.

    If you find you can spend $1 and get $3 back in sales, then just buy your way to the top and don't go through all the hassle. Much less effort and more time for going to the lake or out hunting.

    It doesn't matter what the keyword tool says about how much traffic a keyword gets. If they are not buyers then find another traffic source.

    Always looking for the best service providers on Warrior Forum.

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    The best case scenario with having a private blog network is to own the links. If you own the links, you can just go into the content on those sites, remove the link, and run those website through an indexer to get the google bots to crawl it again.

    If someone ELSE owns the site, you will have more trouble getting this done.
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