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Can anybody here help me. I have a website that is and my main keywords are Award winning web design company, Best web design company and Web design company. So can anybody here check the ranking of my these keywords on
Actually I came to UK for my some business work and it is not showing me the actual ranking here on
According to me I would like to tell you my keyword ranking:
1. Award winning web design company- 9th position on
2. Best web design company- 56th position on
3. Web design company- 191th position on

Please I have used the all keywords ranking tool like SEO spy glass, cute rank etc. I don't want use the tools to check the ranking over here. If you can check manually on on your PC then it would be highly thanksfull.
Please US people only. No other country... !!!
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    Use for checking your keyword in and many other countries too.
    They have one month free trail also.
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  • You can easily get the real ranking of these keywords in Traffic Travis. It is a good free SEO tool for your campaign.
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    Thank you all....but I haven't get my problem solution. I think no one here read the full instruction of my question. I said no tool. I want the keyword ranking from your side not the tools I have to use.
    Very bad thing guys.........
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