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Hey guys,
I've been following this forum for a while its about time I signed up.
I have a stock market news aggregator website which I have problems putting original content on because of its structure to link to other blogs. My current strategy is linking back to my blog in the comments of the blog link which I shared, and making a small summary of the article that I link to from the big established websites.
My goal is to put up a banner that sends people to an affiliate like (where if they sign up for free I get a comission and they can try out my tips in their free simulator game). I would drive traffic to my site under the keywords stock market game or something with FB or Bing.
Can I get some advice, am I going about it the right way?
My past experience was making an autoblog about free online tv shows links which got 100k hits from google which I had done with a nulled script.
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