Why does expired domains still work for SEO?

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Hi everyone

I've been doing an experiment during more than 1 year to try to see if its possible to buy expired domains.

What I did was to buy domains that just expired, immediately added content on a WP setup, filled it with relevant content to the expired domain and then started building links to other relevant sites from these domains.( Here is a pretty good post on how to do, and I did it in a similar way. How to Build Links Using Expired Domains - Search Engine Watch (#SEW) )

This is nothing new and SEO:s has been doing it for along time.

There is a lot of rumors around the SEO world that the domains becomes worthless after they expire. But after trying it out during more than 1 year and with about 50 different expired domains I can conclude that it DOES work, 100% of the time.

Some of the domains are of course better than others, but I cannot see any signs of the expired domains or the sites i link to has been punished by Google. The sites im liking to ranks great ONLY with those links

So to the question:

WHY does Google allow this? They should be able to see that a domain has been expired right? And if its expired, why dont they just "delete" all the links to that domain after the expiry date? Google is well aware of this problem so what is stopping them?

Is there any one here that know how this works technically?
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