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I have created a website, that is not in saturated niche, and I think it could be well ranked on Google. I need some recommendations what SEO strategy to implement for a young website.

I am trying to find a quality SEO package both here on Warrior forum and on SEOClerks, but to me everyhing seems the same...

Every advice is welcomed?
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    For a new website, I think before you hire any SEO experts, you can try to tweak your website first if it's not well-crawled by google.
    Go to and generate your website report, see if there are some errors in your website, e.g. your title is too long, your website is not mobile friendly, etc. Some SEO report gigs out there also use woorank to generate their report, so why waste your time waiting for their work if you can do it yourself?

    Next, check if your keyword really easy to rank, for a new website I recommends you to focus on long tail keywords and any keywords with 750-1500 monthly search volume (based on google keyword planner).

    If you've found your best keywords, now try to analyze your competitors. Use screaming frog tool, it's free to download and its limitation won't disturb you. Look at your top 10 competitors scraped results and compare it with your own website, you'll understand that there are some tweaks missed, e.g. your keyword position in title, your URL, your anchor text inside, etc.

    If you've finished and sure that you have a website with a "perfect" on-page optimization, you now can hire some linkbuilding experts to optimize your website off-page. See? I'm not telling you to find SEO package, but more to linkbuilding package. For link building, find any here in WF. Or if you're not confident enough with any linkbuilding plans, start with social signal. I'm sure there are a lot of people offering social signal plans in SEOClerks, the first rank holder in "sort by rating" there is a social signal package by a bengali freelancer.

    Social signal won't harm your website, at least you'll have a prestige in your posts. Don't forget to use social bookmarking too for your every post, but do it yourself and concentrate in well-known social bookmarks such as reddit, delicious, and digg. Focus on making quality content, traffic and social awareness for a new site, and let the authority and your perfect on-page find your position in google. After a few months, you can try linkbuikding again.

    Hope this will help, any addition or correction accepted.
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    If you have few knowledge about seo then send the proposal to the agencies who offers seo services and then compare their services. Then you can get the best one.
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    Packages? NEIN!
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    My advice is too avoid most backlink sellers on this forum and SEO Clerks. Most (nearly all) have no idea what they are doing and will do more harm then good.

    I would focus on your onpage SEO as mentioned previously and begin getting guest posts using generic, raw URL, and brand anchors. Once you have amassed some guest posts, then start adding your exact match anchors, being careful to keep them below 2-3% each.

    In low competition niches, you won't need much else. If the competition is higher, consider getting some high PR backlinks (either rented or permanent) after you have a few backlinks built up.
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    My advice would be to avoid places such as seoclerks/fiverr. SEO don't come cheap anymore, and the prices that they are pricing - it's pretty hard and believe on the quality work provided.
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    assuming that you have chosen a low competition keyword. i would recommend you use seo tools like gsa or senuke first to diversify your anchor text ratio, start with 5 to 10 links a day and slowly increase link velocity from there. You can then add pbn links or rent high pr links to start ranking.

    starting with seo tools and using them the right way helps you to stay under the radar as much as possible, and helps you avoid a penalty.
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