My adsense plan, your advice please?

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hi warriors,

i just fond a rich keywords and i will make a blog , i make this plan :

step 1: i will buy a domaine and link it with a blogger blog and i will instal a simple tempate

step 2: i will hire a writter to write 4 unique articles for each keyword (i think i will use fiverr for that because i can get a goo content or a cheap price? if i'm wrong correct me )

step 3: i will add one article in my blog and share the others in article directories
step 4: buy a piramide backlink in fiver to rank in google

laste step: make $$$$$$$$$$$$

what are you think? i need you advices!!
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      I think you need to have more than 4 articles and then start to monetize it.
      You submit your articles to social bookmarking site like reddit, digg, pinterest...
      Make a best sitemap for it.
      Make a best SEO for your content inside the blog, optimize the title, heading tag...

      P/s: please standard your vocabulary for us to make clear your idea
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    thinks, i will try?
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    Full marks for actually making a plan Javawalid, but it is fatally flawed from the start.

    To use anything other than a self hosted site, leaves you with the possibility of it being deleted at any time for any reason, although Blogger is a good start if you just want to try things out and get some experience (just make sure you create backups of your articles).

    English is obviously not you first language, so you are are going to struggle with cheap content writers, because you won't know if what they

    have written is any good, therefore if you want to go ahead, hire someone who can write good quality articles with SEO in mind. Look on the

    WF here in the 'Warriors for hire' section.

    Don't waste your time with Article Directories, and DO NOT post your original articles on them, because...

    (a) you will likely get very little traffic

    (b) your article on an Article Directory site may outrank your own site for that article thus your site will never get any natural search traffic for that post.

    (Just to be clear, there is no duplicate content penalty but Google will only want one copy of an article in their index, and that may not be the

    one on your site)

    (c) Article Directory backlinks are almost worthless, and crappy ones may harm your SEO efforts.

    (d) The top Directories are very strict on grammar and punctuation, poor articles will always be rejected, and you will not know how to correct them yourself if they need doing.

    Don't use mass backlinking directly to your own site or it will get nuked, make sure the linking is 'tiered'.

    Better still find some high PR sites yourself to get links from, or buy a few, be careful doing this!

    If you are having 4 articles written, post one on your blog, then use the others on Web 2.0 like, Weebly, etc sites and link them back to your site with anchor text.

    Look on the WF for threads on how to get traffic to your site without SEO, i.e. You Tube videos, Twitter, Pinterest, SU etc.

    See this all in one

    Practice makes perfect
    Good luck

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      If you want to rank well in Google, don't buy links.
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        can you tell me why?
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          Originally Posted by javawalid View Post

          can you tell me why?
          It's a very bad idea to buy links in the hopes of achieving a better ranking. It's an attempt at cheating the system. Google wants high quality content ranking the best, not content that's been pumped up by links through the exchange of money. Fortunately, Google's algorithms are smart and they are catching on more and more to deceptive schemes like this. Once Google realizes a site is paying for links, there may be good news or bad news for the webmaster. The good news is the site can still be seen on Google but on page 2,039,139 and the bad news is after you type in "" you see nothing.
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    but can we use facebook ads ? to get traffic ?
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    Don't forgot to use power of social media,
    Share your site on stumbleupon, facebook and pinterest
    Post stuff that users will love to share among their friends
    Like top 10 list does very well in every niche
    You can post like top 10 most expensive homes in world
    Top 10 most coolest places on Earth, stuff like that, which people would love to share to their social circles
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    Have you already subscribed for Adsense? If not, I will say try to increase traffic to your blog or site by doing a bit of link building then only subscribe for Adsense. Otherwise your request will be denied by Google Adsense team cause of low traffic.
    Fancy Clone - A clone script to fulfill all your needs.
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    The oldest domain name is very important for adsense or more exactly to google.
    Try to find keywords using google adwords (see google panda)
    Keywords that have less competitor are the most important but have more CPC for your article.
    In google adsense, there are forms of advertisements recommended
    Try to help others on the forum to get backlink
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    Never Buy Links from Fivver they all are spammer and articles also they all will be spun content.
    Rather buy articles from iwriter they are the cheap in article writing and gives quality content.
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    This thread is so full of fail.

    Register a domain. Add your content. Do your onpage SEO. Buy some some blogposts with varied anchors and drip them out over a month. Monitor your search engine rankings. Add some high PR permanent homepage blogposts if necessary.

    I would avoid article directories and other low quality SPAM.
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    improving alexa rank will help you to getting more traffic.

    For increasing alexa rank have a look at the following link How To Increase Alexa Rankings - CodenRead
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    So, let's sum up this thread. It's been hilarious:

    OP: Want's to make money, but has a poor strategy


    1) Make "best" sitemap
    2) Submit your site to social bookmarks
    3) Make web2.0 sites
    4) Get forum backlinks
    5) Buy articles from iwriter
    6) Improve your alexa rank

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