Adwords Bridge Policy (Affiliate) - How to Avoid it?

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I want to start promoting an affiliate website on adwords.
I am willing to customize the site in any manner in order to avoid being tagged as a bridge page, but I just can't find good info on how to do it.

I've seen some post in the Adwords forums of someone that claims that when your'e an affiliate, it's simply impossible to avoid this policy:

The "Bridge Page" AdWords policy is one that's enforced extremely toughly.

For some reason, you wont get an answer out of Google so let me save you the trouble. This comes from MANY years experience....

EVERY AFFILIATE SITE violates the bridge page policy. Let me say that again. EVERY AFFILIATE SITE VIOLATES the AdWords bridge page policy.

If the main purpose of your page is to send visitors to another page (and let's be honest, that's EXACTLY what an affiliate site is), then Google will ban you.

Let me put it in a much clearer way. If you removed ALL of the affiliate links and ads from your page, would you still pay to send traffic to it via AdWords? If the answer is no, it's a bridge page.

There are some sites that violate this policy (,,, shopzilla and a lot more) we all know this, but Google turns a blind eye to these. You're not going to be able to get Google to turn a blind eye.

I'm telling you not to bother because you will be banned for LIFE. In 5 years time, you may want to advertise a business that doesn't violate the AdWords policy and you'll regret being banned then.

I know this is not the answer that you wanted to hear. Sorry. But it's the truth.
On the other hand, some "super-affiliates" on certain blogs claim that it is definitely possible, and the official Adwords guidelines says that if you add a review, or make a price comparison, you should be Ok.

In practice, I barely notice any adwords ads of affiliates being displayed on google, for whatever search terms.

With all that contradicting info, I just can't decide what and how to do, so I'm pretty much stuck.

Can anyone shed some light on this matter, preferably with some valid references?

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    You should read the Google policy on Bridge pages, and not what some bozo on the Warrior Forum thinks about it.

    If you think you can just throw up a crappy blog with 2-3 posts that "review" clickbank products and are filled with affiliate links, you will be banned.

    Do yourself a favor, read

    Pretty self-explanatory.
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    Yes, I already read it.
    The quote I gave above though was by someone who is a "top contributor" on Adwords' Official forum, and his comments imply that it is simply impossible.
    I'm not going for a clickbank review website, I already have a 30 page website with different products, but I'm not sure how to modify it further in order to comply, if at all possible seeing that eventually I'm an affilaite, with google's terms.
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    Just because someone spends a lot of time posting on a forum, doesn't make them an expert. See: Warrior Forum.

    Do a search for "Best Web Host". You'll see plenty of paid ads for review sites. And all of them are packed with affiliate links.
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    some of them are affiliates indeed, but these are some mega review sites with videos and what not. I'm looking for something more basic, a one man show kind of website.
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    in the biggest IM forum there's no one that can share some of his experience with Adwords these days?
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    Write a free report in PDF format, let them download it in case they give you email address.

    The trick is, your affiliate links will be inside the PDF ebook.
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    I might as well email them my link, why make an ebook?
    also, what I if I want to sell, for example, a laptop? when people would search for a laptop they would want to buy a laptop, not get a free ebook.
    besides, I doubt that Adwords would be keen on an email squeeze page.
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