Website got De-indexed. Google says pure spam

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One of my wallpaper site with 2k visitors/day got de-index. I don't know why it happed. But I got email from google webmaster that my site is PURE SPAM and make changes and then re-apply. This is bullshit from google that they didn't pin-point where exactly is the problem. Its so pathetic.

It would be great if any one can tell me what pure spam they mean. My site is a wallpaper site and no affiliate or article based site which copied data from other sites.
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    Can you share the link? And/or the exact wording of the mail?

    When I hear "wallpaper site" my first thought is "copyright infringement", but I guess it's not automatically "spam".
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    It means you built spam backlinks and it's time to clean them up and remove them to get back into Google's t.o.s.

    When you build spam links and rank well and they tell you the only way to recover your rankings is to remove the spam links.Essentially you have a manual unnatural link penalty from the sounds of it.
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    Originally Posted by techguru21 View Post

    It would be great if any one can tell me what pure spam they mean.
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    Post a link so everyone can see.
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    why are my post being deleted
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    I think you need to share your site link for better replies !! as without your site link i don't think that anyone could drive you towards the right destination !!
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    Pure spam is any website that adds no value to the Web whatsoever.
    Usually it's a website with scraped content, little text (even though not necessarily), stolen copyrighted content, etc.
    Are those wallpapers your original creations? If they aren't, then you get your answer.

    Also, there is a page that provides examples of "pure spam" Fighting Spam â€" Inside Search â€" Google
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