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by jerem
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Hello guys. I have forum that is on subdomain of free hosting service. Now I am allowed to have my custom name URL but I worry if I will loose all my SEO gained over many years. So for example my url that is in google very well placed is and now I am able to have but I was wandering how Google will react if I implement change as my receives nice traffic and has some good positions for certain keywords.

thanks for your help
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    I would not change anything. I would only add your new domain with new content and backlink it to your old high traffic domain.
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      You mean backlink to the new domain?

      Quite confusing opening.

      Do you mean the free service is changing to a custom domain that you
      can use? If so, no worries. The old subdomain will redirect to the new,
      if that service was truly viable.

      Or do you mean you got a domain and want to start a new forum?

      Then like I said, you would backlink old site to the new one. Put it big
      and up front. But keep the old site up.


      If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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    Thank you guys for you help. Paul I have an option to have my own url and point DNS of my URL to free hosting service. I don't want to new forum. I was thinking to have custom NEW domain name but I worry to loose my google position. So forum will be the same forum but instead of would you
    So new domain!

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    Change subdomain to domain will have loss some ranking in my experience. You can have 301 redirect to new domain for tell Google that domain was changed.

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