Looking for people who have large PBNs

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Hey There,
Do you have a blog network? 100+ sites? 10,000 sites? Whatever it is, and no matter what the content is, I'd love to chat with you
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    This is not private messaging. You should at least state a reason. People with large networks have no reason to discuss them with you. If you are looking to buy links there is a Sales area here

    Warriors For Hire

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    Thanks, I appreciate the link.

    I'm not into posting specifics on a public forum - as you can see from my registration date and how many posts I have....I don't post much. I didn't ask anyone to send me a report of their sites, I simply stated if they have a network I would love to chat with them.
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      and I was just letting you know no one in this section would be interested in talking it over with you unless they were renting links - and the link provided is to the section where that transaction is allowed.

      has nothing to do with how often you post.

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    @OP Your requirement is too broad and have a little detail. Why do you just start to build your old blog network for longterm?

    SafePBN - PBN on different shared hosting company
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    MultipleCloud - Multiple location hosting provider
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