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After sifting through an absoloute abundance of threads debating the 'what works and what doesn't' argument - I thought I'd add my two cents on the subject.

We're in 2014, Google is smarter and stricter than ever. Their intent? To do EXACTLY what we do.. in providing the best service possible to their consumer base. And I hate to say it, if you're not in the game to provide quality, your tail is going to be short lived. I'm well aware we're in this to make a dollar, but providing the end user with something of quality will always be the way forward.

What this means is techniques of the past are long gone. Spamming, poorly spun articles and PBNs with easily discoverable footprints are a thing of the past. Focus on QUALITY, content is and ALWAYS will be king.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not the typical preacher of writing exceptionally good content, having like-minded individuals find you and share your content across their whole network.. it'd be great, and everyone would live happily ever after... however, the reality is this just doesn't happen for many people, in many niches.

What I can recommend however, is in providing value. On your money site's blog posts, allow a good day to write a solid post.. not a couple of hours. You can post one crappy post every two days, or one 2500 word post that covers an entire topic and long-tail keywords each week.

Let me make one thing clear
Tiered Linking
Social Media Mentions
Article Submissions
Links from high DA Sites
Relevant Links
Copy competitor backlinks
Forums Links
Blog Comments
Directory submissions

They all work. Granted in their own way, whether for SEO purposes or traffic generation, however, they all work. PBNs work, and it isn't THAT hard to eliminate footprints. This isn't going to be a post that delves into the depths of link building, but rather a wake up call to those that are searching endlessly for the next quick tip on SEO. For the most part, it's the same as it always was, you just need to be smarter about what you're doing.

Let me tell you one thing, I've ranked amongst websites such as BBC with 25m search results with nothing more than Pinterest.. social networking ISN'T dead. This doesn't mean I spammed the daylights out of it, this means I created high quality content, people found it useful and shared it to their network.

I've ranked a clients keywords for moderate competition with just one PR5 contextual blog post - it was, however, an informative article, that wouldn't be able to be uncovered as spam.

I don't follow Matt Cutts, I don't follow the 'latest' trends.. I browse WF and a number of other MMO forums to see what people are doing; but I take advice with a grain of salt.. stick to your guns and do what has always worked. This isn't rocket science people; it's all about being consumer-oriented and providing value for the intended audience.

When you create a Web 2.0 don't think.. 'I need to include images.. a certain length of text, videos'.. think 'I need to provide VALUE'. If including an image is relevant, do so - if you find a video which better explains a portion of the content do so. Don't limit your post to 500 words if another 500 words will completely cover the entire topic.

Blog commenting is a topic that people have completely ditched as of late. It's an excellent source of anchor diversity, and if you actually provide some useful insight - you've discovered another traffic generation source! Use your name, or penname, in the 'name' box, and link back to your website in the URL section. Don't blast a 1000 blogs with Scrapebox with the same spun comment and expect Google to turn a blind eye on this. Don't just go after high page rank, look for sites that are well indexed and provide quality content to their target audience.

That was just a short spill on my part, but I best be getting back to productive work. I'm happy to answer any questions people may have, and if you think I've completely lost it.. let me know!

Best Wishes!
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    It doesn't take a lot to create a half decent website with interesting and well written content. I think it would be brilliant if Google had the ability to wheedle out the people who can't be bothered putting together a half decent website that is going to benefit users. The people who put the effort into creating websites that people want to visit time and time again should be the ones that are rewarded. It doesn't matter what you type into Google nowadays, Wikipedia is normally very near the top. However, I very rarely use Wikipedia for a source of information, there are so many other websites that contain much better information. Yet because Wikipedia are who they are and they have managed to create millions and millions of articles that have gained high page rank, they can get their articles to number one in many cases.

    Surely there are just a few important rules to follow if you want to have fairly good success whether website. If possible, a niche subject, that definitely makes a huge difference. Write about things that you know about so can pass on to other people as informational articles. Learn the basics of search engine optimisation. How to create the proper website heading, writing a good description. If possible, create a community forum, especially if you are having lots of people visiting your website for the same reason.

    I have never really been one for link building, my a back links have come naturally because people link to articles on my website. Back links will come if your content deserves to be shared.
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    @Oscar - The power of sites like Wikipedia and About is in their age, domain authority and sheer masses of content produced. Sure, some of their articles aren't high quality and Google will often rectify this if they find a 300 word About article ranking that doesn't deserve to be ranked. But they provide masses of content, and for the most part do it well. You are however correct, it would be excellent if Google could weed their way through poor content sites and only rank those with the best content available.

    A quick tip for those that are stuck for ideas on interesting topics to write on is to use Yahoo Answers. These are questions being asked right now from people looking for answers in your niche - find the best ones and answer them comprehensively.
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    Originally Posted by danielgb123 View Post

    and if you think I've completely lost it.. let me know!
    Okay I am letting you know you have lost it. You were not doing too bad until this

    Let me tell you one thing, I've ranked amongst websites such as BBC with 25m search results with nothing more than Pinterest..
    You are right its 2014 but it looks like it will be around 2024 before people stop believing and pushing the idea that search results is any indicator of great competition or success. You did not rank for anything BBC cared about or for any competitive term with just pinterest and search count is nothing more than a count of the number of times a word or phrase appears in the index.

    There is no competition for any of these phrases despite beating your 25 million results example

    blue dogs with laughter (29 million)
    cats in red shoes (31 million)
    men with gold eyes (922 million)
    red dead men (686 million)

    Pinterest by itself will rank you for nothing of any great competition. search results have nothing to do with level of competition.

    wake up people

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    @Mike - I definitely wouldn't warrant the mention of ranking for a term if it WASN'T generating traffic for me. I'm well aware that search result numbers are no reflection of a useful keyword. I may have incorrectly worded what I wrote, however, with the use of Pinterest to get my content out there (not purely based on Pinterest backlinking), I was able to rank for that term (whether that be as a result of other bloggers linking to me, etc).

    Oh, and I bet 'blue dogs with laughter' doesn't generate 200 UV a day at #9 position (just above BBC at #10).
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    Let me explain what i think, people are involved website marketing and promotion not business promotion. When you start to promote your website, you think about links and you make a link building and they start creating links any how. That become problem in future.

    We should think about Business promotion not about links. If we focus on Business so we try to involve in local events, industry news, customer review and problem solving. When you start focusing on Business then Google will start to count you as Brand Name means Trust. Hope you understand my points.
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    @anoopsparx - I appreciate the input and definitely agree. You're exactly right, people have begun to lose their way. I'm not sure if it's in the transition from offline to online, but the core fundamentals of business remain the same. There is no harm in answering someone on Yahoo Answers and posting a link back to your site. No harm in posting on a forum with a link in your signature - and no harm in posting an informative article on a Web 2.0 platform and linking back. It's all in the way the content is delivered and whether it genuinely adds value or is spam.
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    Anyone who is serious about creating a good website should make sure that the content is really good. Do your utmost to make sure there are no spelling mistakes, even if that involves getting a proofreader involved. The content must be what people are looking for. So make sure that you have got your facts right. Doing this will mean you are much more likely to have people linking back from websites that carry some weight, rather than some guy out there who is just posting your website on a forum.
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    Ugh, another "lets argue this crap thread". Although I agree with a great deal of what you said. By posting you are merely "feeding into the fire". I agree there are too many people searching for quick tips, but those same people aren't going to take this article and "wake up". Its unfortunate, but a true realization. =)

    Wanna chat more about SEO, Web Design, or Graphic Design? Follow me on Google+

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