Is Article Marketing For SEO Still Worth The Effort?

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I used to be writing articles every day. The articles would get indexed and bring a little traffic. My question is if article marketing is still as effective as it used to be and is it still worth the effort?
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    Here's my experience.

    For local SEO the value of article marketing has diminished significantly over the past 12-24 months.

    Generally, however, article marketing still works well. You just have to be more measured in your use of anchor text and link sources.

    Avoid or minimize links from article directories and 2.0's. Strive to post articles on high authority websites in your niche.

    ... That works for me, anyway
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    For SEO if your talking about the quality of the backlink its finished dont waste your time and risk harming your site
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    1 link gained through writing an amazing article and doing outreach to top authority sites in your niche is likely to be more effective for SEO than writing and posting hundreds of times on article directories.

    The one benefit I can think of is that you can include loads of different anchor texts which then allows you to be more aggressive with optimized anchors when you get the opportunity to get a link on a high authority page. But there are easier and quicker ways of doing this than article marketing.

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    If you are referring to article marketing as submitting articles to Ezine, GoArticles, etc., it hasn't been worth the effort for several years.
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      Like MikeFriedman said - if you have Article Directories on your mind, then no - it's not worth your effort. If you think about guest blogging, then this method can do miracles, but only if you do it the right way (quality over quantity).
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    Let's say 3 well written articles in some quality article directories can be worthy, but you need tons of other links as well. Article links are good for diversifying link profile.
    I'd put my time on quality web 2.0's and write articles for these sites.

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    I can't believe people are even asking this question in 2014, let alone the people saying it's a good idea.

    The two most prominent Googlers who talk publicly about SEO and Webspam have spoken against doing it.

    John Mueller has been advising against this sort of thing for a while and he's even said they treat the links from these kinds of User Generated Content sites with suspicion.

    Matt Cutts has said outright not to do it and even says they have algorithms looking for this kind of thing (he might mean Penguin or something more specific - he doesn't say exactly).


    This space will be awarded to the first WSO owner who can prove they make Million$ from their methods.

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    Article directories definitely a no, but guest blogging still works, as long as you try to make sure your focused more on the audience then just trying to guest write a ton of articles.

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    Writing content for your website is always a good idea. However there comes a point in which you need to make sure you are doing what you can to get your articles in the public eye. Link building to your site and articles will help bring targeted traffic for long tail keywords but that's not enough.

    You need to make sure the articles you are writing aren't for the purpose of adding content to your website. It should be targeted, it should be beneficial and most of all worthy of being shared socially.

    Be sure you aren't just writing for the sake of writing.
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    Take some of the keywords that you want to target and search the first two pages of Google and find out web properties that are ranking well. For example in the health & fitness niche I find wordpress, blogspot, slideshare, yahoo voice, rebelmounse and couple of other web properties that rank well.

    If you write articles using long tail kw's and post it on some of the identified web properties that rank well on page 1 & 2 of google, your chances of ranking and getting traffic is much better than posting on ezinearticles.
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