How to efficiently let Google know that my subdomain now has a custom domain?

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I have existing heavy traffic from my Tumblr page and 2 articles in the top search results. Today I purchased a custom domain to use on Tumblr. Before that, my site was already verified in Google Webmaster Tools. So I thought after integrating my custom domain with Tumblr, I will just let Google know about the domain change in Google Webmaster Tools.

Unfortunately there is no option for this on subdomain-level. So now what I did is registered my new custom domain as separate site and verified it. Now there are two site in my Webmaster Tools, my subdomain Tumblr URL (which is now a redirect, not even a page) and my custom URL.

Is there a negative affect for this, or should I just delete my subdomain site from Google Webmaster Tools and remove the verification tag?

There is no problem with redirection since Tumblr handles it really well, even my old pages are properly linked.

It is just weird to see that still I can see my Tumblr subdomain on popular searches, and no results for my new custom domain.
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    It's automatically setup to just redirect after you set it up
    properly. Since it is redirecting, it's setup properly.

    Who knows how long it may take for the new domain to show up.

    It may never show up, which is no big deal. The old subdomain still


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