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Hi all,

We desperately need to get into the map results for our keyword. We rank #2 for our keyword phrase and mostly in the top 5 for our other keywords, but we're on like page 10 of the map results (I'm talking about when you do a google search and it gives you blended results - both organic and map results mixed together).

I've recently purchased Whitespark and will be using that to find where our business is currently cited and make the corrections to NAP. I will also use that service to determine where our competitors are getting citations and if we can garner the citations from those sites.

So, here's my question - What is the citation I need to use? Where do I find the proper format for my NAP that Google is already using?

Also, in the citation, does punctuation matter? For example, if Google has us as 1234 South Trail, and I put us as 1234 S. Trl., will that throw the citation off? I just need some clarification here. Thanks.
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