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Hey guys. Been a lurker here for a while, but I'm now stepping up and starting a post asking for advice as I want to improve and by reading this forum I think it's the right forum to learn from.

I started a website just so I can learn SEO and it intrigues me because of the competition of fighting for high ranks. I LOVE COMPETITION! I crave it and I was drawn to SEO. But I feel that I've stalled and maybe some advice can help me. Just FYI, my info will be posted down at the bottom of the post. So if you want to just scroll down and look you can. But I just want to describe my thinking and actions here.

What I did was installed wordpress and picked a free template. As I said I wanted to learn SEO (mostly keywords, how to start, etc.) But I do know html/css and once I get a grasp on this aspect, I can create my own themes. I like to focus on one thing at a time so my full attention is on the matter.

I started with long tail keywords and I've heard this is the best way to start as jumping into single words will be very hard for a new site. I created a baseball website that helps catchers. I picked this as I have played baseball a long time and I could write about stuff I know. So I have some pages up, and I'm using the Yoast plug in for wordpress and inputting my information that I want. I'm using different keywords for pages trying to optimize that page to the keywords that are relevant to it. Example below:

my website is:
index keywords: baseball, catcher, drills for baseball catchers, baseball catcher blocking drills, catchers blocking drills, catcher receiving drills, catchers blocking, catcher tips, tips for catchers, catcher tips for baseball
Blocking page: catchers blocking drills, baseball catcher, baseball catcher drills, catcher blocking drills, catcher blocking technique, catcher's blocking drills, blocking drills, catcher blocking drills video, how to block pitches, how to block pitches in the dirt, how to block a wild pitch, how to block a pitch catching

I do have some one word keywords thrown in there, but I tried mostly for longer ones. I'm also not sure if there should be a limit on how many keywords I should use. Hopefully I'm not completely spamming it. Anyways, here are the keywords that are ranking for me currently (these ranks are from the rank checker addon. But I use SerpFox as well and they're pretty close on the ranks when checking both). Also all ranks I post are just from Google.

baseball catcher blocking drills: 119
catcher receiving drills: 41
catchers blocking: 122
catchers blocking drills: 87
catcher framing: 143
how to block pitches in the dirt: 75

I'm just looking for advice on my keywords. Or maybe tips. I know I have other aspects I need to learn as well such as linking.

Also I don't care I put all this info out. I'm trying to learn and the best way is to show you my problems. There's always going to be competition and I have to learn how to deal with it. If I just keep to myself nothing will change and the competition will still be there. So I believe it's better to just put it out there and ask for help. If I get better then I can just do a better job than my competition and beat them.

Sorry for the long post. Hopefully I didn't bore any people to death! Thank you for reading my post.
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    I would definitely research some more long tail keywords as alot of those will likely have quite a bit of competition. Use research tools to find low competition, high traffic keywords.(Kind of harder with Google converting there keyword tool over & getting rid of certain stats). If you service a local area with drills & camps or anything try targeting local keywords like "Fullerton Baseball Camp Drills", or "California Baseball Drills Camp" , "Learn Baseball Catching California" etc, again try to find ones that will have high search volume but low competition. To test the waters on search volume(Should you have the budget for it) you can use PPC ads. Hope this helps!

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    Thanks for the advice Jesse. One question I have is how long is too long for a long tail keyword? Is there a certain range people believe to be a 'good number?'
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    Yes, the post is long that you lost the meat of what you are asking for. In plain language, what advice are you looking for? There is no hard and fast rule on how many keywords to use. There are some tips on where to place them. In case you want to be sure, surf for keyword stuffing tool and you will find if your content is full or lacking.

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    Sorry about the long post. I've seen a couple times on here that when people ask for advice they don't give all the information out to be helped.

    What I was trying to ask for help in, and got derailed, was about my long tail seo keywords. Are they too short and need to go even longer? What point is a long tailed keyword too long?

    Since you brought up the keyword stuffing tool, whats a good target percent that my keyword should be in my content? Right now for some of my keywords it is between 1-2% on a ~12 paragraph page.

    Thanks and sorry about the confusing on my first post.
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