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How does a high Google ad concentration effect visitors? Currently when I type wedding dresses into Google there are 3 ads on the top of the page and there are 8 images of wedding dresses in the right column. I have to assume this will negatively effect the amount of visitors I would receive even for the top 3 spots, as these ads will be catching a good chuck of the visitors. Can anyone provide any insight from experience?

1. Can anyone tell me the percentages you would expect to see (as visitors) for pages in Google spots 1-5 for both low and high ad concentrations?
2. Does a high Google ad concentration have any other side effects that are not as obvious at first glance?
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    More competition distractions in the SERPs will always lower CTR. The question is can you create a bigger distraction to draw traffic eyes to your own SERP listing?

    Personally I would test a bright green video thumbnail image that contrast the entire search page.
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      I was kind of wondering the same thing.

      I believe Greg is talking about how the Google ads that are above the organic listings will affect traffic to his organic site which may be at the number 1,2 or 3 spot..

      For example if he has the number 1 spot for a keyword and there are 3 google adwords ads above that number one spot, then that number one spot really becomes the number 4 spot.

      Here are some numbers I found for the amount of traffic share you would get for first page on google.

      1 = 32.5%
      2 = 17.6%
      3 = 11.4$
      4 = 8.1%

      So if ranking #1 means its like your #4, is it even worth vying for that keyword, especially if you trying to
      promote an affiliate product? Because that would mean the best you could do is get traffic share of
      about 8.1%.

      Am I looking at this right?

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