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I would like to know how you guys do keyword research fir both general SEO and local SEO and whether keyword research is a bit different when comparing between general SEO and local SEO.

Let's take plumbing local business and page that mentions "local plumber" for example. Let's say we were assigned a task to do keyword research to find and implement 3 additional relevant keywords for specific page to cover wider audience. How would you do this task guys?

I would input keywords already found on page into Keyword Planner to get additional keywords. Then I would group them and come up with related keywords from my brainstorming, then I would switch places of words to check if those have search volumes. Did I miss something? I would need Notepad for brainstormed keywords right? Then there's keywords that you add to list on the right in Keywords Planner. All this confuses me and I feel I delve too deep in keywords research just to find only 3 keywords to implement on page. I think process for local SEO could be done faster and I should not delve that deep. That's why I ask people here to show me how to do keyword research smart, organized and fast.

Final question about keywords implementation would be adding content because I cannot just throw 3 keywords on page. I need content but as SEO, must I be the one who writes that content or employer must hire copywriter/article writer? The goal of page is to improve conversions and I feel I am not the one for writing content. I feel I need cooperation with out client who we optimize SEO for local business for and copywriter. Must SEO do keyword research and cooperate with copywriter/article who takes care of content writing or must SEO do keyword implementation with content writing?

Thanks for your input beforehand!
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