How to check for my Goarticle Google Search Position?

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Not talking about pagerank btw, couldn't give a toss.

I wonder if anyone can tell me how to check my goarticle article's position on google search results for a particular keyword?

I've tried the ones below, but I have a couple of complaints with them.
  • My first complaint is that none of these tolerate long URLs, as you get with articles.
  • My second complaint is that the results of the 3 tools (when I check with my website), don't correlate with each other.

I've also tried the following tool: RankBL Google Position Checker Tool

The results of this one are totally different from the other 3 tools I mention.

So my question: is there one ultimate reliable tool for checking my site's position in google for a particular keyword? (and btw, when doing it manually, firefox and chrome have shitty chached results (useless!), and though results on IE 7 don't seem to be cached, I'm not convinced the ones on my laptop are the same as what others are seeing (some sort of cache crap goin on there too).

Thanks in advance :p
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