Can you mention your link IN YT video?

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In the YT video Can you say,"click the link below for more ....?"
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    Bad idea If your running Adsense on that same video, even If your only talking about clicking a link in the video description.
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    As Yukon said you can do it as long as you are not running adsense on your videos.
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    No I meant doing a 2 minute informative video and at the end if the YT video saying: "I have a link below that can improve your ...." The ink would lead to an affiliate product
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      The whole idea of a 2 minute video, with an affiliate pitch, on youtube,
      is not exactly the approach I would take.

      But as far as telling people to go to a site...

      Every big channel has videos that do that. But they one up you.
      They do it at beginning, and the end.

      Since all big channels are monetized, I can't say there's a problem
      with that.

      But sure, they are NOT doing affliate marketing.

      So maybe you should do "domain" marketing instead.


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