Its not about link Building, its all about gaining back links

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Link building is not the same as ever before. That means Link building should not be done in an old school way of "submit link" strategy. What you have to do is earn few back links from really relevant sources and make sure they are 100% natural. These back links will be 1000 times more effective than any o those profile links or directory sites.

Google is not any more interested in guest blogging. But still you can get some back links from top blog sites. Just imagine how wonderful will that be that another person give your back link as reference to some of this posts ? Ya definitely that will be a big achievement more than you yourself link to your site by doing a guest post.

OK let's go for it. Find some good blogs or sites in your niche. Analyse an article in it and write about some of those terms which are vaguely described in it which a reader may not actually understand and may look for further explanation. Then contact that blogger or web master and tell him about the article in your blog and ask him to read it and link to it if he finds it useful.

This may not work every time. But you see most of your directory, blog comment, profile creation submission also will not be accepted most of the times. But in this case, if it really works and the blogger actually links to your site with anchor text as that word or phrase which exactly matches your topic, there you go. A valuable everlasting back link ins in your pocket !!!!
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    You talked about relevancy source of backlinks, so does the links in your signature
    placed in a relevant site?

    Sometimes we forget that Google is not more than a computer software running
    on a vast extended network of computers and what you see as a soul in Google
    is not more than an algorithm combined with human supervision.

    That's all that makes you believe that Google can intelligently police the internet.

    I don't role out Google over optimization anchor text algorithm, low quality link
    profile, and the like..., most of these algorithms were there in google years ago before
    google officially announce the update as Penguin and Panda. But they used more
    strick roles, harder penalty, and more human supervision.
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    It's really interesting that some webmasters consider Google the ultimate complicated machine while others have a totally different perspective on the issue. The topic seems important, though in real practice, it may turn out to be complex to gather links, because when a website is awarded with packs of links, it must have done something awesome, like containing fresh, highly efficient and well-written materials. Sure quality of links outweighs the mere number of them, but it is very difficult just to wait for links to be awarded and doing absolutely nothing to build new ones manually.
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    It's a good idea about earning links, but it's a different story in reality. In order for a good content page to earn links, the page needs to be viewed by hundreds and thousands of visitors and some of them happened to be bloggers, and those very few bloggers happened to write something related to your content in near future. 5% of linked are earned, and 95% of links are promoted, see details here:
    The Truth and Facts About Link Earning
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