Is adsense gonna ban me for this site?

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I have a 3 page site

Sales page selling an e product
Check out page
contact us page.

I also have 1 Google Adsense advert , on the sales page ONLY. Its a banner text add.

I'm making around $9 a day off the two sites, would google slap me for this or not? The site is made to sell an ebook not an promote adsense.

( I have two websites like this)
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    No you shouldn't get banned from Adsense.
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    I just head something about a "made for ad sense" website, well my website is made to sell ebooks, so I guess I should be fine.
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    I have a 3 pages site like you too, I haven't got banned from it yet?
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    you might not get your account banned but it wouldn't surprise me at all if they stop serving ads on that site because of lack of content.

    also, it doesn't make a lot of sense to put adsense on a site where you're trying to get the visitor to buy a book, not click on an ad.
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    If you are selling an actual product, then your site cannot be considered as being "made for advertisement or adsense". However, it is entirely up to them how to interpret what is a MFA site or not.

    Do not get between a wombat and a chocolate biscuit; you will regret it dearly!

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