Send AdWords Traffic To Squeeze Page Or Sales Page First? Opinions? Data?

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I'm about to test this for myself, but wanted to see if any of you all had experience with this first.

I have a little how-to guide sales page that converts around 2% and makes me 100+% profit from AdWords in the Content Network.

Right now, I send traffic directly to the sales page, but I'm thinking I should just pay to get people on my list, expecting maybe 20-30% optin rate (?).

If only 20% of those who opted in end up buying later, I've basically doubled my conversion rate for the sales page, by preselling through my autoresponder series, right?

Anyone have any experience/thoughts on building the list vs. straight to sales page?

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    I always send targeted traffic to my landing page first then to the sales page. At the landing page, I offered a freebie in exchange for their email address.

    Once i have their email address, I can still follow up with them forever and sell other products which they are interested in.

    Therefore, if you are sending the traffic straight to the sales page, you are missing out the potential of selling to them in future.

    Your landing page can also at the same be used as a pre-selling page before sending them to a sale page to increase your conversion rate.
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    • I think 2% is a very good conversion for a sales letter,
      especially for that specific source of traffic (Content Network).

      Consider that most people in PPC view 1% has a good
      conversion already... so 2% is double from the average!

      Name Squeeze Page Strategy?

      Now the average conversion from leads to buyers
      in my experience in niches outside IM (tested with over
      25.000 leads) are around 4% when using squeeze
      page and than I do email follow-ups "for life".

      So if you currently are sending 1000 visitors to a
      landing page you are making... at 2%... that's
      exactly 10 sales.

      If you drive those visitors to a squeeze page
      and you can pull 15%-30% of leads into an
      a list, then you have 2 scenarios here:

      15% conversion (worst scenario)

      1000 visitors * 15% conversion = 150 leads

      ... and 150 leads * 4% = 6 sales via follow up emails

      In this case your sales letter strategy WINS!

      30% conversion (best scenario)

      1000 visitors * 30% conversion = 300 leads

      ... and 300 leads * 4% = 12 sales via follow up emails

      In this case the sales letter strategy WINS (at 2%)!

      Final Thougths

      So the answer is NOT is sending the traffic
      to a squeeze is better or versus a sales leter.

      The questions is... how much will it convert:

      a) Your squeeze page
      b) And leads from autoresponder to sales

      ... and so you can make a better comparison!

      Break your numbers and do some easy math!


      Frederico Vila Verde

      P.S. Have in mind that if you can sell just ONE
      more product via follow-up (be that your own
      product or an affiliate product) you will easily
      increase the lifetime value from those 150 or
      300 leads. Good luck in all cases!
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    Thanks for the great feedback guys.

    So if you currently are sending 1000 visitors to a
    landing page you are making... at 2%... that's
    exactly 10 sales.
    Actually, it's 20 sales, right? So, the sales page wins in both cases.

    In my process, all buyers end up on my list automatically (with DLGuard and GetResponse), which helps with backend sales, other products, etc.

    I'm thinking that having 150 people on my list and 6 sales of this one product *might be* better in the long run than 20 buyers right off the bat.

    And, yes, I'm hearing you all say that needs to be tested, and it definitely does.

    I'm also thinking/remembering that I've been able to get much better conversion rate than 4% on a targeted list, even if they came in with a freebie.

    Well, thanks again. That will help me keep track of the right data when I do more testing.

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      You are much better off building a list of targeted subscribers. Even if your initial % conversion after they opt-in is a little can exponentially increase your profits by offering multiple related affiliate (or your own) products through an auto-responder.

      I like to think of it as a visitor turned into a buying customer for life.

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      • Correct. Yes, that's 20 sales.

        The idea was for you to get the data and balance
        your decision based on others experience. Glad you
        got the point fast!


        Frederico Vila Verde

        P.S. Make sure that if you follow-up that you follow-up
        for a minimum of 30-60 days. One year would be great
        (and with 4 days intervals between each email).

        For example, today I was looking into my tracking stats
        as an affiliate and another person made a purchase for
        an affiliate product I am endorsing via email...

        ... BUT ONLY AFTER receiving message number 22 on
        the Aweber list! Therefore, I would say that make sure
        you can follow-up until they are ready to buy.

        P.P.S. Another reason for you to collect the leads is this.
        If the market you are working has some kind of long term
        RELATIONSHIP value (IM, dating, marketing, business, etc),
        then you can one day sell the ASSETS of your business
        and the leads you have collected will have a monetary
        value associated with it. This "adds" to your income.
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    Great point Frederico.

    The process should be....generate relationships...and THEN profit. That is formula for long term profits.

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