Facebook PPC Vs. Adwords PPC Vs. Bing PPC

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Facebook PPC Vs. Adwords PPC Vs. Bing PPC

I would like my fellow warriors to share which of the following PPC provider is the best, and also please provide a detailed explanation regarding why you prefer one over the other.
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    Both PPC networks are very difficult and very expensive if you don't know what you're doing. PPC costs are very high for a lot of high competition keywords. The problem you're facing is, you don't know which keywords will convert or if any will. It requires a very hefty budget and ALOT of testing. Not recommended for beginners or someone with a low budget.

    Speaking from experience.

    What's the point of having a sig if no one buys from you?

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  • The results would definitely be based upon your campaign. There are niches that work well with PPC and there are niches that don't. How would you know if PPC is right for you and which PPC works best? You will need to run a test campaign for this. Like in my experience, FB PPC works better for me than Adwords. Although I get more traffic on Adwords, the conversion in FB PPC is better than my Adwords. So yes, I would suggest you run a test campaign to check out which is working best for you. I hope that helps.
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    You should go with Google adword because it is provide you some good impression and high quality targeted traffic to your website. Google have good quality traffic.
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    Out of those three I only had luck with AdWords.

    Having spent a couple of grand on Facebook advertising, our fan page actually has a 40% lower engagement that before the ads.

    Bing just never sends us any visitors.

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