WP Photon, NetDNA, CloudFlare - All at once?

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Not sure if this is the right category but since I couldn't find a specific one on site optimizations and thought it would benefit SEO I decided to post here.

How many people here use WP Photon CDN? It sounds absolutely fantastic, but I'm not sure why WordPress would let everyone with a WP site use it for free. Considering CDN bandwidth is generally pretty expensive. I'm planning to implement it on my existing site that already runs NetDNA for caching of all theme files and Cloudflare for fewer requests and some CDN on most of our image-based content.

Has anyone tried using all three at once? In theory it should help with page speed by serving images through the CDN that Cloudflare would miss but could this be too many CDN services for one site?
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    I've got one site using Photon. No problems there. I think it's a part of Automattic's plan to first offer stuff for free, and later introduce better plans. CDN for an average site isn't really that expensive, and they've already implemented the CDN for paying customers of WP.com. So the incremental costs could be fairly low.

    I don't have a scenario where I could justify $800/mo for MaxCDN/NetDNA so that's already out of my league.

    I would first try Cloudflare. They've got a CDN already and will pretty much handle the whole site, so it's likely that you don't need another service.
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    I am using Cloudflare on one site as a test and am happy with it so far. I basically have it on this one site / host due to traffic spikes that are prompted whenever I do a Twitter or FB marketing campaign.
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    Note: While it is generally ok to use one other CDN on our service, we generally do not recommend running more than that. You're probably going to have some sort of conflict at some point, and you're giving yourself something else to manage and remember.
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