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So, we are probably all in agreement based on recent WF posts this week and presentations at sxsw that, seo efforts through traditional link building (article marketing and spinning to get links, guest blogging with sig line with link on small unpopular sites, directory submission in small quantities per week, mass blog commenting, and pretty much any possible way to get an actual link back to your site with anything other than rel=nofollow attached to it) has come to an end.

But, what about this?

One of my favorite types of blog posts to make is where I'll make a blog post on my own site as a rebuttal to someone's post on another site. Of course, I post a link to the site as a reference. Nothing new there....

But, what if we were to assemble as a group of like-minded individuals to form a sort of private underground network where we write blog posts on our own websites...citing other blog posts within the network?

I don't see there would be anything wrong with that in google's eyes because, heck, one of their big criteria for better serps is that your blog posts are shared with others. So, this would be a matter of sort of "salting" that process to get the sharing going.

The way I see it, we're all sharing blog posts and tweets and likes with content we come across online anyway. This would be the same thing. It's just that we could make our little network of sites the first place we go to when it comes time to add new content to our own blogs.

Kinda sounding like buggs bunny, sorry. But, whaddyall think?
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    And, here we go again with more blog networks. How many public/private blog networks have been penalized recently? And, won't it look suspicious with all these blogs quoting/linking back to each other? That's a very tell-tale sign of blackhat SEO.

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    I don't think Google would see this as a blog network. I bet every seasoned blogger has had their palls and other bloggers link their posts. I'm a sort of veteran newbie blogger, done it for years but never gotten any good at it. Even I've had success link baiting the topics that were hot, and gotten backlinks from the same bunch of active writers. That's the way it goes.

    Just don't take it too far. Link every once in a while should be ok, but you can't have the same guys write a rebuttal or comment to your every post.
    Links in signature will not help your SEO. Not on this site, and not on any other forum.
    Who told me this? An ex Google web spam engineer.

    What's your excuse?
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      If you're in the same niche why not.

      But there it limits it self already.
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        can't have the same guys write a rebuttal or comment to your every post.
        TRUE! All we'd need to do is get like 100 people in some sort of ring to 'occasionally' do this and there would really be no way for google to figure something organized was being done. So, I don't think this would fall under any black hat definition anyway. It would be more like a person saying "here are my favorite 100 blogs that are all owned by different people and I'm watching every blog post they make so that once in a while I might add a post to my own blog that references a post they made on their blog and I'll link to it."

        Personally, I do that anyway. I have a core of people that I follow and every once in a while I reference a post they've made on their blog and link to it. Nothin' wrong with that that I see. And, my websites haven't been nixxed because of it.

        This would be just a more organized way of doing it with some intention.

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