Can An Internet Marketing Business Get Ranked Online Without Spamming

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I really want to know in this day and age, if the people of Internet Marketing business can get ranked without the use of spam techniques or trying to screw over the search engines. So what can a small business owner with only a few pages of content do, when they're up against a mass of corporations that probably have professional SEO companies doing their SEO?
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    Yes I think I can rank without spamming.. just do manual promoting not doing an automated software.
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    An online business doesn't have to rely on Google for traffic and shouldn't either as it's out of your control and unpredictable. Focus on alternative sources - i.e. paid traffic or social media or content marketing or whatever works for you.

    Having said that Google is my 2nd biggest source of traffic and I haven't built a single artificial link for the sake of building a link (only where relevant and can help someone or drive direct traffic) nor do I hunt out low competition keywords or spend much time on on page SEO.
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    Provide up-to-date, fresh, unique relevant content...That's what search engines look for and what you'll be rewarded for, also full proofs your assets into the future.
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      Originally Posted by IMMaster View Post

      Totally agree with you , but what are techniques they use to do so?
      Well, Stuart mentioned Social Media and I see you have Facebook, might as well start there since it can be profitable to use it as a means of traffic and sales.

      Pretend you are a viewer interested in internet marketing. Look at the site. Do you see any articles or written material there that inspires you to stay there and read more? Or does it look like a bunch of uninteresting links going somewhere else whilst being bombarded with sales pitch statements and you feel like cutting out quickly?

      You don't have to post more than once a week, but be consistent and be helpful. Offer your viewers something they can use, something that teaches them about IM and how to succeed at some aspect of it. Use your FB page as a platform of knowledge to the IM community and they will revisit and share your page. Likes don't mean that much if you're out there pimping "Please like my page" messages to everyone.

      That's a start and technique right there.


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