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by van80
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Hi everyone

I have a long list of link prospects, and I would like a way to quickly examine each of the URLs for suitability. i.e. I need to look at each webpage for about 2 seconds and make a quick determination - Yes or No. Copying and pasting from Excel into my browser is really time-consuming. Does anyone have a quicker solution?

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  • Content relevance would be a good indication.
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      I don't think you understood the question... I know the criteria on which to qualify the websites. What I don't know is how to look at a long list of URLs quickly, without having to copy/paste into my browser and wait for the page to load
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    Here is a free tool that works online:

    It will make all the urls live hyperlinks that you can just click on one at a time and each one opens in a new tab. It works really well for things like what you described. After you have loaded up your links it is simply click-view-close-go to next one. I would suggest testing it out with just a few urls first.
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    I have a Windows desktop software that does what you want to do but it's still manual clicking to load the URL into the built in browser. There's no error handling because it's personal software I made & ran straight from the 2010 debugger.

    If you want to try the software let me know, I'll see If I can get it cleaned up for you to try out.

    Here's a screenshot below, I load a list of URLs from a text file on my desktop into the left textbox on the software, click the Start button (top/center) & the URL loads the page in the built in browser on the right side.

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