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One of my websites has 50+ pages ranked on first page of Google for about a year now. There's nothing funny going on there, the content is truly unique. When I started the website, I did it because I couldn't find that information anywhere online, but I've noticed a few copycat sites have popped up since then.

Anyways, in February, 2 of my pages which ranked on first page dropped big time, like on 10th page. And now that I looked at it, I noticed the actual pages that ranked for those keywords are NOT ranking for those keywords anymore but rather some other pages of my website are ranking for those keywords. So it makes sense it's so far high up, because those random pages are not optimized for those keywords.

So my question would be, why do you think those 2 pages disappeared from the rankings? They are still indexed by Google so they're not banned or deindexed. Do you think algorithm just didn't like them and manually de-ranked or penalized them? The two pages do not have any spammy external backlinks pointed to them, although there are some internal links pointing to them from my articles. But then again that's the case with most pages on my website.

What do you guys think is the most likely problem and the solution?
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    Your question is too general to warrant a specific answer.

    It could be a Penguin related algorithmic penalty. You might've lost valuable backlinks while your competitors built valuable backlinks. There could be a number of reasons.
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    Yea I've been leaning toward algorithmic penalty as well. Losing valuable backlinks is probably not it because the random page that ranks for that keyword now is not optimized for that keyword nor does it have any backlinks to it.
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    Based on what you've said about your other pages now ranking for those keywords , it could be just Hummingbird (semantic and user intent) at work, I've seen sites that do not even have keywords in their titles rank on first pages for pretty good spots.
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    It could be a number of things, as others mentioned not enough info has been provided.

    What I can say though is that you need to reexamine the fact that there are no spammy links to the site. I get that all the time from friends who's sites tanked and then upon further review they purchased every Fiverr package under the sun.

    Be sure there aren't any spammy links to those pages and specifically over optimization from low quality sources.
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    I recommend, you to add more content(may be testimonials, video, image, Faq, rewrite content) on the 2 pages and share it on social media sites. Try to resubmit/fetch your pages and check your keywords ranking after 24 Hours. I am sure your ranking will improve. I request you to share your result after following the above step.
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      How long were those pages ranking before they tanked? Weeks, months, years?
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