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I have started to purchase high quality content from freelancers in my niche which is Java programming tutorials.

Now the next road blocker is getting backlinks from related websites and blogs. How should I outsource. Previously I had purchased backlinks from fiverr and some packs from WF but that was crap and had to leave that domain name.

Right now I share my new tutorials on facebook groups on Java and also do share it on dzone(dot)com. My tutorials webpages are ranked very poor on google.

In order to generate organic traffic(from better ranking), how do I outsource backlink and internal links creation. I am expert in Java programming but not backlinks stuff.

P.S. My website is javaexperience(dot)com
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    If you really want to outsource use oDesk. I seem to find more quality there over the other ones.
    I also offer SEO services if you need help.

    I would also focus on Google+, as that will help your rankings.
    This is another thing we do, just pm me if interested or if you have any other questions.
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    One very important feature of blogging relates to reputation building. If a business can produce high quality, dynamic and original content in their blog, then to the readers this will reflect positively on their company. Interesting blog articles can quickly spread throughout the community thanks to the innate connectivity of the web and social media tools such as Facebook and Twitter. Not only does this improve the chances of the blog being read by a wider audience, it only acts a signal to the search engines of quality content. The logic behind this is that if a piece of content spreads well around social media networks and is shared and linked to a lot, it must be a high quality piece of content.
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