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Hi Friends,

I have an AdSense account which is suspended last month. I could not find the cause of AdSense account suspend. How to get out from this account in active mode. 3 months back i have already received the AdSense payment. Before my account suspended in last month account have earned around $50 in my AdSense account. So why this things happen and how do i overcome from the AdSense account suspend process.

Is there any process to follow to get my account active mode. Please feel free to suggest me.


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    What exactly did the disabling email say?
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    getting your adsence account back is not easy, one of my clients put forward a different website, than the one originally on his adcence account and he got his account reinstated.
    The 2 main things adsence has a problem with, is clicking on your own ads and second, using something like alexia boost, which sends traffic to sites.
    Adsence will send you a generic email they send to all it basically says they cannot tell you why they stopped your account,
    Some people do get their accounts back but a hell of a lot dont.
    Hope it works out for you

    Improving your internet experience

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    unfortunately there is no way to get your disabled adsense account. my different Adsense accounts got disabled many times ... and i lost my all dollars ... :-(
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    All You need to do is Create a New Adsense Account... Its very hard to reactivate the account once banned.
    I have launched New WordPress theme's Themelocation
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    you can overcome this by getting over it.

    Insert Sig here for ***** Moolahs ,,I,,

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    FACT #1 you need to keep in mind when dealing with Google:
    Google is a big corporation and they have share holders and the main goal of the company is to show profits on paper.

    FACT #2 if you read Google Adsense terms you'll realize that you don't many rights and they can disable you any time for any reason as they please so don't take it personally when they do. Google Adsense is kinda like lottery. Sometimes they pay and sometimes they don't. If you wanna play the game just open a new account. When they need some extra profits on their quarterly report they will disabe you and take your money. Will they return it to the advertisers? Heck no! After getting disabled few times I decided to test how honest Google is. I clicked on my own campaigns and didn't get my money back when that adsense account got disabled.

    BOTTOM LINE: Google uses affiliates to profit. If you check their support forum people are complaining about getting their accounts disabled every day. It's not just one complaint there's 100s per day! You can't tell me these affiliates didn't read the terms or were stupid enough to click on their own ads.

    How do you overcome it? Stay away from them or get another account and make sure you do direct deposit and no check payments. Google is known to issue checks and then cancel them. I actually have a system on Adsense Profits. You can PM me if interested.


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      Originally Posted by coolidge View Post

      You can't tell me these affiliates didn't read the terms or were stupid enough to click on their own ads.
      Have you perused this forum? Chock full of nuts....doing adsense and reading
      nary a word google publishes.

      Yes, they don't read the terms, and do stupid things with their adsense account.

      You actually have to want to break the rules, and make an effort to
      do just that.


      If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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    Also having same problem. I have submit Adsense Appeal Form to active my account again.
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    The best alternative is contact advertisers directly for your site.

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    You need to find out why you got banned, fix it and promise to never do it again. But even with this chances are low. You can appeal the decision here.
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      If your adsence account is disable, kiss it goodbye as it is hard to get it back. I have friends that lost their accounts and setup a new one under their partners name. But make sure the domain is owned by the person with the adsence account.
      What i do know is all new adsence accounts are on probation for a few months, clicks are paid at a very low rate and if you have a website with 10 page views a day and 5 clicks on the ads, adsence will take a pretty close look at you.
      I have been with adsence for awhile, and make around $100 a month for each of my sites, some make more. I build them to onsell them, i can handle 12 sites, and i love building them up.

      Improving your internet experience

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    Way back 2009, I also experience same kind of trouble but Google didn't consider my reasons. So I decided to create another one and for the second time, my account was suspended then terminated. Maybe there is someone with the same IP who keeps on clicking my ads and trick Google that I am the one who clicked it.

    Still Google Adsense didn't accept my complain. And for the third time, my Adsense account is still fine.
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      Originally Posted by JohnTimmins View Post

      . So I decided to create another one and for the second time, my account was suspended then terminated.
      Of course it would be! You committed fraud. Consider yourself lucky that just banning the second account was all they did. If you read the fine print, they reserve the right to pursue further action if you open a second account.
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    We replaced AdSense with, direct deals, and CPA programs.

    That was over a year ago, and we're now making more than we were only AdSense. Our niche is finance, so it's not that hard to find CPA that pays well.

    It really depends on your site content and the traffic it's getting. Just look at your stats closely to see what people are looking for when finding your site, then get on the web to find companies that need that exact traffic (starting with Peerfly, CJ, ShareASale, etc.) to find the right companies - then CALL them on the phone.

    Then tell them you are running a test only to see if they are converting and you are getting paid. It's cool because now you are building relationships and it's great to have someone you can WORK WITH YOU to make more profit for both parties. Unlike Google the silent dicks.

    I know it's not as easy as AdSense, but you end up with more streams of income - more diversity. (no....diversity is not an old wooden ship).

    Because we're Canadian we get turned down automatically from most merchants. But then we send them screenshots of our stats with 99% USA visitors, and the traffic numbers - then phone them.

    They ALL come around ;-)

    P.S. - **** Google

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    echo ("Give me" . " " . $php_coding . "!");

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