Is accepting CASINO post on TECH niche harmful ?

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I got an offer to write about a CASINO aap with no follow link to Itunes(where the app is located).

Is i harmful for SEO? Is the word "CASINO" is harmful in TECH NICHE ? :confused::confused:

Please help
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    DO NOT do this. No matter if this is paid or free, I wouldn't do this. It could be marked as a harmful content by Google or other SE's. There are specific blogs for casino, poker, etc. where they could post their websites!!!

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    Every time you find yourself worrying about such a type of non-related content penalization, you're probably right

    To understand how Google works, you just got to put yourself in their shoes. They would be wondering why a tech site would have a supposedly unrelated casino article/link (regardless if it is no-follow or follow). Then they would thus 'suspect' weird activity since it looks unnatural --> verdict: don't do it.

    Unless you're specializing in the tech industry providing mathematical software/e.t.c. to casinos, I would highly recommend against it.
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    Yes, You can put the link if you are using No-follow tag. As we all aware that Search Engine do not read No-Follow tags. So it doesn't matter whether you have put in Tech niche or any other niche.
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    Casino post on Tech niche website or blog is irrelevant. There is no matter that link is Dofollow or Nofollow. It may harm your website as down fall in ranking or as ban.
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    Thanks a ton guys. You guys just saved me from this big confusion. Cheers!
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    Yes it would be harmful if the content on your site had nothing to do with casino gaming. Even no follow links will count against you (only marginally). It could be more than marginal if
    1) the site is blacklisted
    2) the site is considered to be spammy or scamming.
    Any time you link to something that is considered adult content it will hurt you site unless your site is geared for adult content.
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