Which site to use for a money site?

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Building a PBN and have a question. I've got three sites to start building my network with. For example let's say I have:

FenderGuitars.info - DA 35, 200 good backlinks, PR 2
FenderGuitars1.info - DA 25, 200 good backlinks, PR 2
RandomDomain.com - DA 9, no backlinks, PR 5

If I want my site to be for Fender Guitars should I use the higher DA for the money site, or use the higher PR 5 as a money site with the extremely relevant sites with high DA and backlinks linking to it? I would think having "Fender Guitars" in the domain would help a lot, but also having a PR 5 would help even if it's not in the domain.

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    well for me, I'll pick the most relevant to my business. PR is no longer a basis instead the DA along with EMD (exact domain match), keep in mind don't focus anymore one PR instead aim for better traffic Returning and New Traffic.
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    Don't use a trademarked brand name for a domain name, your just asking for legal trouble.

    Do something like:
    • hxxp://roxguitars.com/fender
    • hxxp://guitarstarz.com/fender
    • hxxp://allguitars.com/fender
    • etc...
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      My domains aren't trademarked names, those were examples.
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    As a previous warrior mentioned. PR is not a totally reliable factor. And its just one factor. Other factors I look at are: Domain Age, SEOmoz Domain Authority above 25 and Majestic Citation and Trust Flow above 10. But most importantly I look at the back link profile. You want non spammy links. Also double check and make sure domain hasn't been hit with any G penalties. This is pretty much how I build my money sites and PBNs

    I hope this helps someone,

    Carlo - SEO Ninja
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      How do you know if Google applied any penalties before I bought it?
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        Originally Posted by chagler View Post

        How do you know if Google applied any penalties before I bought it?
        The best you can do is research the link profile & check Wayback to see If the domain has a history of being spammy, lots of domain drops, fake PR, etc...

        In the end after you buy the researched domain my advice is to try & rank at least one page on the PBN domain even If it's a low competition longtail keyword. If you can index & rank the low comp. longtail you should be fine to use the domain for links pointing at your money site.
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    Is the domain indexed in google? Search "site:www.domain.com"

    Did you verify it in Webmaster Tools to get stats for it?
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