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i am not get much by adsense ads i get only 3to7$ per day
if any one suggest me how to earn much

arvind singh
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    You need to generate massive traffic.

    e.g: you want to earn $100 in a month from Adsense. Assumption:

    EPC (earning per click) is $0.2. CTR (click through rate) is 3%.

    So clicks you need: targeted earning / EPC = $100 / $0.2 = 500 clicks.

    To get 500 clicks, you need: total clicks / CTR = 500 clicks / 3% = 16,667 visitors in a month.

    So you must think about how to generate traffic toward to your site!
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    To increase adsense income for your website. You should go for increasing traffic and you can increase traffic by Content marketing and social media marketing.
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      hell you'll need that at least. My website has .33% CTR so it's more like 100,000 page views per month to make 100.00.
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    Well, what are you currently doing to earn $3-$7/day?

    Do the same thing on a larger scale.
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    Become a surgeon.
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    Start doing SEO for your site. Increase traffic.
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    Yes, I definitely agree with mohankranthis that focus on Onpage and Offpage activities.
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    Adsense earning depends on several factors like CPC, country from visitors coming, ads on website, targeted visitors numbers etc. Finance, Loan are high paying keywords so if your content is about these keywords then you can make more money with less visitors as well. If ads of Indian website is running on your website then more clicks pay less.

    So, you should increase targeted traffic and write content about high paying keywords.
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