Sudden Drop More than 70% How to handle such situation?

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Dear member, how to solve this situation?
Sudden drop of Adsense Earning :confused:
Today (23-04-2014 at 12:01 am) i got that massage on adsense account

Here is Comparing last 7 days

pls advice me
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    You got I nice CTR at least

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    I can't really help you with your problem unfortunately. However I just wanted to say that I was impressed at how many clicks you are generating from the amount of page visits you receive. I regularly approached 100 clicks, but it's normally only when I get around 6000 page views. What's your website, wouldn't mind taking a quick look, you never know might learn something
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    Since you have pretty good ctr I have to ask where are your ads? Explain what your site looks like. Maybe page layout spam..
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    my account having multiple websites/blog
    21 April 2014 Report
    i have no idea how to solve this problem :confused:
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    Whooopsss..... I am still trying to remember when was the last time I have seen such CTR ??? For you that really is a huge shock well, I can't help you on this but you really need to investigate what's wrong out there because what I am seeing is a great drop !!
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      whom to contact for investigate, i have no clue whats wrong with my websites
      sudden drop - is google penalized my websites??
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    There is a big drop in your pageviews, is that for the whole day already? If it is, you should check you traffic reports and see why the sudden drop in traffic, maybe your site have been penalized?

    Otherwise other data look consistent...
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      Yes may be google penalize my website, how google penalize all lot of website same time,
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