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Hi Everyone,

I have an ecommerce website who I sell high quality food in bundle. I built a strong partnership with very good food providers across the world.
For example, you can buy the French basket who include several French specialities like sausage, mustard etc...

I received an offer by some person. They offer me to create an additional website where all my product would be sold separately.
They would build the site for free. They will take a commissions every sale.

I was wondering if the new website will be a good thing from an SEO point of you.

I am afraid of losing traffic on my website for this new website. It will be exactly the same content (product descriptions). They will just build a new frame to display product separately. Even my recognise brand will be used in this website.
Should I sell these products individually on my website and avoid paying them commission.

Thanks in advance for all of your future answer,

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