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I'm currently playing around with keyword planner. When I use "Keyword ideas" search, using the keyword "diet plans" for example, why does it have different average monthly searches in the graph to the box below the graph? See below:

In the box, it says "110,000" searches but the graph above shows around 5 million searches.

Why are they completely different numbers?
Also, if I find a keyword that has low competition, is that a good keyword to target?
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    Does anyone know?
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    It could possibly mean all the searches containing your KW are in the millions. And the exact KW searches is 110k. Less competition easier to rank. No competition could also possibly mean no money is being spent in those niches.
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      Hi, the search numbers used in the graph are the total from all the keywords in all the ad groups given.
      So Diet Plans has 110,000 monthly searches on it's own.
      But all the 800 other keywords it gives you add up to the average 4 million searches a month shown in the graph.

      And the competition level given is for PPC advertisers, so you really want it to be high to prove that it's a profitable keyword.
      As far as SEO goes there's no relationship between the PPC competition data that G shows and the actual level of competition when you are trying to rank a page organically.
      Hth, lmk if you have any more questions
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