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Hello. Sorry for my language.
I have review website with detailed product reviews(links to amazon)
some times ago ive got affiliate penalty because i place too many links(4-5 per article).
After it i remove all links to amazon and rankings was returns. many links i can add to the 1 review article?
I want some amazon commissions and don't want penalties :-)
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    Never heard of that happening before - who penalized you? Was it Amazon themselves?
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    google! rankings was lost.
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    I have always put 3 maximum links into one post this is more than enough. Any more and Google doesn't like it as link stuffing.

    Have you ever thought about doing YouTube video, getting the video ranked and putting your blog link in the description with affiliate links in your blog.

    You could powerpoint your video with music over explaining your offer in the powerpoint presentation slides then telling them to click the link below in the description.

    As YouTube is owned by Google it is way easier to rank video than blogs. Also optimize your video correctly to help you rank quicker. Just throwing a thought out there to you.

    Become a "Masterless Warrior" -->>

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    Make sure those affiliate links are nofollow.
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    Last year I also had the same experience. I think the problem was approx. 80-90% of the pages/posts on the site contains amazon affiliate links. So I published more posts/pages without outgoing links (just inner links) and with links pointing to other authority sites in the same niche. Like a blog section. Since then, the site is doing great until now and some pages even contains 10 amazon affiliate links.
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    Just make it good for the users and you should be fine. That usually means 3 affiliate links at most, and as mentioned you should nofollow those links as well.

    Keep in mind that hammering affiliate links down readers throats isn't a good strategy either. Make it helpful and you'll see a higher CTR and conversion rate.
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