Hows everybody finding keywords nowdays

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Hi all..

I have been inactive with adsense for a while.. i still got 2 sites running on autopilot making about 40$ monthly together. I have been busy with casino affiliate marketing for the last 1 year.

Now i decided to make some more adsense sites just because ive got some free time.
I log onto the keyword tool, and i see it is totally changed.

I still manage to work with it, but in the past there was an option for "exact" monthly searches, and that option seems to have dissapeared now. So are the monthly searches accurate or not atm?

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    I still use the Google KW tool just fine. As for SEO these days. You have to target multiple KWs per page. And look at the Broad searches.
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    We are still using the GKT tool, I think it's fine. Sometimes we use Traffic Travis as we purchased the software some time back.
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    I use only GKT and Long Tail Pro for keyword research. So far they have been the best for me.

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    I use Google Adwords for finding keywords and select long tail keywords with low or medium competition but with high search results.
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    Try Keyword Analysis Tool - Market Samurai This is best for keyword research
    Prospring launch offering a 100 Million in Prizes and stacks of benefits each week.

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    Well, I use Google Keyword Planner with the Google trend to plan out the idea of keyword and the same I am going to suggest you try using the GKP with the Google trends to plan out your approach.
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    you have to analyze the keywords from competitors .
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    By using all these keyword tools -
    Google AdWords Keyword Planner
    Bing Keyword Research
    SEO Book Keyword Tool
    Keyword Discovery

    I always get ideas from everywhere, its quite good to analyse every phase of keyword search.

    Enjoy Life.

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  • Google Keyword Planner is no longer the same. It offers less keyword suggestions. If you like to know more keywords for your niche sites, I suggest you try Traffic Travis. I use the free version of this alongside with Google Keyword Planner.
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    Through Google Adwords
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    I prefer Market samurai to search keywords.You can also use Google adword to find keywords.
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    Long tail platinum
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    Long Tail Platinum is a pretty good software.
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    I am Using LongTail Platinum, Moz & Ahref.

    Ahref & Moz for Competitors Analysis.
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