How every Warrior Member can have a PR9 backlink...

by LMC
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Hey Warriors,

This morning I thought of an idea, and this post is to discuss if it would be feasible. If you don't think it would work, please just explain why...

How Every Member Can Have a PR9 backlink!

The link in which we would all get would be a Wikipedia PR 9 backlink...

How we would do this...

Warrior Forum itself does not have a Wikipedia page, Wiki's are designed and written by the community and the community also moderates it, similar to how we work here, with our content.

If we were to make a Warrior Forum Wikipedia page together, all of us adding some content here and there, and then make a section on our own Wiki for "About the Members" , in there people can post a link to their website and a sentence about the member.

This link would go to their website. Also the WF would get a PR9 plus tons of exposure about it on Wikipedia....

Anyways, your thoughts???

I know their would be logistics to figure out like, who would write it, moderate it, but I'm just talking feasible aspects, would it work?

Just thinkin...
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    The Wikipedia editors and admins would pull the page down fast as a shot.

    They're pretty ruthless when it comes to information that is put up on Wikipedia. There was a fuss a few months ago because an editor there tried to make a name for himself by deleting articles (it's one of the ways they get promoted to admin status) including one on a seminal game called Threshold. See QBlog for details.

    If a culturally relevant entry has real problems staying around, the sort of entry you propose has no chance.
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    +1 to John
    and moreover all links on Wikipedia are NoFollow
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