How can I promote my blog?

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I have started a blog about dogs training,
I have wrote 7 articales.
What is the relevant ways to bring traffic to my blog? and how much time it might take?
After I will promote my blog I want to put an Google Adsense on it
Thank you.
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    A good way to promote your blog is to create youtube videos that are related to your websites topic. Make helpful and interesting videos and post the url in the description and inside the video itself.

    Also you can post your link to your website in signatures of forums if they allow it.

    This way whenever you post on the forums your url will show in your signature below your post. Just make sure to not spam the forums.
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    Prospring launch offering a 100 Million in Prizes and stacks of benefits each week.

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    also you could create facebook and twitter profiles, and promote your site there, and aditionally you'd be able to get feedback from people
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    Only 7 article??? Too less amount for seo. You must need minimum 50 articles then start seo to bring traffic.
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    Honest to god, I've tried everything in the books for driving traffic and the two best are:

    Guest Posting and relevant blogs. Some of these have awesome amounts of traffic and will trickle down to you if you get published. This has been awesome for my blog.

    Next, do an expert post and contact them to share. Ask experts in your field asking them a question. Write and post and ask the same experts to share. Works like a charm.
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    Just keep producing regular content and traffic will soon come. Don't think a blog can become huge in a few days.
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