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Does anyone know, after purchasing a site and verifying via Google Webmaster Tools, if the site has a penalty - how quickly would you expect to be notified?

I'm doing all the relevant checks to ensure it isn't penalised, however I dont want to purchase the site and immediately get to work if 1 week later I get a penalty notification.

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    I would make it a point to avoid domain auctions.
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      If the site is indexed, the conten is legit and the links are not spammy why would you think it would be penalized?

      If the above conditions are not true then it could happen any time

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    If your site was penalized and you verified it via WMT the penalty would show up immediately under messages.
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    Hi Adam

    It can take up to 48 hours. Just hang in and check the account after that period. Also remember to add both the www. and non-www. version to GWT.

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